TETAC currently fields products and services for explosive operators and warfighters on land, sea and in the air.



TETAC is quickly establishing itself as a leader in the mission critical domestic manufactured small unmanned aircraft systems space.


Currently under development are systems addressing loiter in place requirements as well as solutions for delivering explosive payload packages in tight urban combat theaters as well as inside structures and other confined spaces.


Linear Explosive Disruptor (LED)

The Linear Explosive Disruptor is a payload mission package that integrates to unmanned ground vehicles to enable the firing of explosive projectiles.

The key differentiator of the LED is the patented firing chamber that ensures no degradation the host ROV enabling the warfighter to continue to deliver shape charges to multiple targets utilizing one vehicle.


BlockShot™ is a versatile energetic disruption tool engineered to support the multi-mission requirements of dismounted Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians and Combat Engineers.


The device is unique because it is capable of being used as a unidirectional or omnidirectional tool all while using a standard M112 Demolition Block.

The performance advantage of Blokshot™ is that it provides directional disruption velocities in all directions making ideal for directional and general disruption scenarios.


Other Features Include:

  • Cohesive and scalable wave fronts (up to 30 inch standoff)

  • Builds up on-scene in seconds (no hand packing HE)

  • Integrates to robot gripper

  • Ideal for dismounted operations

  • Utilizes MILSPEC density of an M112 block

Compact Containment Device ™

The Compact Containment Device ™ (CCD) is a tool utilized by EOD operators and explosive experts to support render safe procedures, forensic sampling, and cap transport.


Engineered using advanced aerospace materials, the Compact Containment Device ™ is optimized to provide operators with a lightweight explosive isolation solution. More specifically, titanium and an integrated foam baffling system enable complete encapsulation capabilities in the event of a detonation thereby making the CCD ideal for dismounted - “Hands-On” - procedures.


Modular Energetic Payload Systems

TETAC engineers modular energetic payload systems that support unmanned remotely operated vehicle neutralization and destruction operations of sea mines and underwater improvised explosive devices (UWIED).


Our patented solutions optimize ROV flight stability and performance.  The payloads are scalable and neutralize both moored and bottom mines and UWIEDs.


TETAC provides customized rigging solutions to support maritime Search and Rigging operations.  These kits are intended for underwater and shipboard explosive related operations.


TETAC offers worldwide training and support for military and first reponders.

Hazardous Device Search Course:
Course is intended to train public safety divers and EOD technicians on the safest possible methods to search, locate, and mark underwater terrorist devices.


At the completion of the course, the attendees should possess the skills to perform proficient maritime underwater searches thus providing a “force multiplier” capability in response to terrorist threats of underwater hazardous devices.

Hazardous Device-Dive Supervisor Course:
Ideal for teams seeking advanced skills and training for dives related to underwater explosive operations.


The course focuses on advanced dive medicine, advanced dive physics, and command and control of the dive side that contributes to safe explosive response operations.


Course is 4 days in duration and is available in San Diego, CA, Monterey, CA or feel free to host our Mobile Training Team in an effort to train in your operational environment and local waterways.

Terrestrial & Marine Energetics Courses:
These courses are designed for teams looking to hone their skills on explosive operations either on land or underwater. They include obstacle clearance, IED & UWIED disruption, ordnance neutralization, shape charges and more. 


Our mobile teams are available to conduct courses in your location.

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